Norwich Car Show 18

Our second car show of the 2018 season was the 53rd annual Norwich car show. We met up with a few Seven Valley Streetrods members and headed over to Norwich early Saturday morning. My wife tammy and I drove our 2017 Camaro SS over to show it, and to enjoy a ton of beautiful cars and trucks.

The weather was perfect for our full day at the show. When we arrived we drove onto the show grounds, and the volunteers guided us to were we needed to be. Tammy and I had to park on the other side of the dirt road off the main show area. This is were they put the new cars for the show. There wasn’t enough room for all of the cars that entered our class. It was kinda a joke. They acted like we were not part of the show.  Well I can tell you we had a lot of people stopping to look at our Red Hot SS.

Today’s young car fans are into the new mustangs, challengers, Camaros, etc. They could give a hoot about cars built 50 years ago. They like cars from the 90’s to present, they are the cars they read about, and dream about driving some day.

I spent hours cleaning my car to almost spotless condition for this show. I was planning on winning, but I was not going to show a car that wasn’t show worthy.

After we parked our beast we touched it up from the drive and headed out onto the show grounds to enjoy other people’s vehicles on display. I overheard other people in our class talking about how they put us in the handicapp section right next to the dusty road. So I was not the only one thinking 🤔 this.

Tammy and I walked around taking pics, and shooting some video for this blog post. We ran into some friends and chatted with them before moving on through the show. We helped a bit with the APEX Automotive Magazine booth by handing out our latest issue and talking to fellow car enthusiast.

I forgot to mention when we arrived the volunteers helped us register for the show and took our $15 for entering our Camaro. Our class was class T. There had to have been 15-20 cars and trucks in our class.  It was not like we had two entries in the class.

The show was very busy all day with entries, spectators, and the huge vendor area. The food was good with great service to boot.

Around 3:45 or so they started handing out the awards to the top three in each class.  After a while of listening to the winners over the PA system we decided to walk over and watch the recipients get their trophies  🏆.

One of our club members Dusty Keys won first prize for his beautiful pickup truck in his class. It was cool seeing these people get some recognition for their time and effort that they put into their vehicles.

‘The show grounds were starting to empty out as the awards were being handed out. Tammy and I hung around to see if we even had a sniff at a trophy. I mean why not stay and see where we stand in this class.

Class s was up next the announcer called the winners to the stage and then said ok now its time for our special awards. We were like what about class t?  I mean we did pay the entire fee, we were giving an windshield card ( filled out by an official), and a very nice show packet giving by the club .

Nothing for our class? Ok I guess but why were we told were to park, handed a packet, and paid an entire fee?  Not cool, it was kind of a bummer being treated like we don’t belong, and then not even being recognized as a class of entries.

We are all there because of our love for automobiles, and the friendships that we have built over the years. The future of car shows is with today’s younger generation. If the industry continues to favor the older cars and not accept the new cars they will be in trouble.

I grew up loving streetrods, and muscle cars of my day, no different from today’s youth. Today’s new car owners love their cars the same as a person with a 57 Chevy.  All of these cars were built by a manufacture, not by guys in their garages. Sure older cars could be modified more buy a cutting torch and some fabrication, but new car owners can personalize their cars as well in their garage just like their fathers did.

We had a great time in Norwich and look forward to the next show we make our way to.

Car Show Season Is Here 

We wait all winter for this time of the year. Especially her in the north east. This weekend is the start of the regular Car shows in the area. What I mean by that is the annual shows that we all try to make it too every year or so. Last Sunday there was a cruise and Show  here in Cortland, NY. I guess you could say that is the beginning of the season. Norwich, NY has its annual cars show every year on Memorial Day weekend. I remember going to this show a child with my dad, and members from the street rod club. 

Saturday is the muscle car, and Streetrod show. Sunday is for the purist car guys, with the antique portion of this historic show. I enjoy making the trip to Norwich to check out some. Cars that I do not get to see all the time. During the car show season we end up seeing a lot of the same cars at a lot of the shows. This is ok, but I do like checking my out different cars. 

I will be shooting for APEX Auto Magazine. So stay tuned for Car Show coverage in up coming issues of APEX magazine. We are going to be busy all summer covering these shows for you car buffs. Syracuse Nationals, Adirondack Nationals, and a bunch of shows in between. So shine up your ride and head out and support a local show. You will have a good time I’m sure. 

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Syracuse Nationals 16

   A couple of weeks have passed since we enjoyed yet another year at the Syracuse Nationals. This year my nationals started on Saturday, because I had to work on Friday. I was a tough working Fruday knowing what was going on at the fairgrounds. 

   Again this year my son and I worked the early shift will our 7 Valley Street Rod friends. Arriving a little before 5:00 am was a tad tough at first but well worth it once the cars stated rolling onto the fairgrounds. This year was a little bit different as far as the layout of the show. New York State removed the one mile dirt oval last fall, creating more room around the grounds in Syracuse.

  I think it really sucks that they removed the track, because I was a longtime Super Dirt Week attendee.😩 They took away a lot of tradition for 1000’s of race fans. I understand that it will. work great for other events held at the fairgrounds for many years to come. Like the Nationals, the State Fair, and every other event that happens on the grounds through out the year. With all of the extra room, the show felt a bit strung out, making for more walking for everybody attending.  A golf cart or scooter is definitely a good idea to take in all 8200 entries. 

   Saturday morning the line of cars waiting to get in when the gates opened was pretty long. We checked windshield passes, and punched the tickets as the participants rolled up in their pride and joy. This is great fun for us to interact with these fellow car lovers before all of the spectators arrive for the day.

   All of the 7 Valley Street Rod volenteers work a four hour shift each day to help out the Right Coast promoters with the show. After my shift I went out into the vast show area and started taking pictures for APEX Automotive Magazine. Our APEX table was set up in the Tucci Hot Rods tent for the entire weekend. We also worked shifts handing out free Magazines to show goers as they pass by the tent. Tucci Hot Rods has become one of the nations top builders in recent years. They have been to SEMA, appeared in Hot Rod Magazine, and a few times in APEX. Being with Tucci was great for APEX, giving us more exposer then we might have received on our own.

   Saturday was defanitly the busiest day of the weekend. The place was packed with people and cars all day. As I walked around the show I started thinking about how much we love our automobiles. Thousands of people come from all over the East Coast and Canada to show off their hard work, or to enjoy looking at other peoples pride & joy. I get it I’m one of them for sure. It just hit me that all of the things going on in the world these days here we are looking at Automobiles for three days. 

  Sunday the car count was down a bit from the first two days, but the American Muscle car part of the weekend made up for some of the people that headed home early Sunday morning. 1980 is the cut off year for the show, but Sunday we get to see some new iron grace the show for a nice little change of pace. Car lovers across the nation debate the old car new car thing all the time. As for me I love them both. Allowing the new cars into the show brings in our younger car lovers, they are the future of this “Sport”. 

  The quality of the vehicles this year was spectacular as always. Builders are pushing the envelope with their ideas more and more every year. Plus technology is changing the way old cars are being built today.  A lot of the new builds are modern cars with old bodies sitting on top of them. Owners get the best of both worlds, the old-school look with all of the modern options avalobke on today’s thing that stood out to me as I walked around was how many 55 Chevys there were among the ocean of vehicles.  

   I ran into a bunch of people I know on my journey around the show. It’s always fun catching up with friends you don’t see enough of during the year. My camera had a good work out, taking over 1500 images of great looking rides. I guess that’s not to many shots when there were around 8200 vehicles on hand. I love documenting the cars and people that support this show. 20 years from now it will be fun to go back and see how things change generation after generation. Good stuff.

  Anybody that loves cars should make a point to attend this show some year, you will love it. Right Coast does a great job as always. We look forward to this weekend every year, and will for many years to come. Check out my website to see some of the images of the show. If you could not make it to this year show maybe my pictures will help hold you over until next year. 

John Zachary PhotographyApex Automotive Magazine the next big show for me will be the Adirondack Nationals (Lake George, NY). in September. This is one of my favorite show too. You should check it out, it’s a good one. 

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