7 Valley Street Rods Car Show 2018

With a boat load of cars show under my belt all ready this summer this is one of my favorites. Yes I am a member of the 7 Valley Street Rods club, but this show gets better every year.

7 Valley club members have been doing this show for 29 years now, and it shows. People that visit this show are always saying that the club knows how to put on great car show. I agree. From the free pictures of your car, to the great food. This show has a lot to offer to both spectators and participants.

Hand made trophies are presented to some of the special award winners each year. We have a hard luck award, story car trophies, best custom, best engine, interior, etc. Along with the great looking trophies, participants can win door prizes as well as a hefty 50/50 prize.

During the show there is a silent auction going on with lots of great items to Bid on, and hopefully take home.

This years show started out with a touch of rain in the air. We were hoping this wouldn’t stop people from driving out for the show on Sunday. Well with over 220 entries I guess it didn’t discourage anybody from attending this popular car show. There were a good amount of vendors on hand this year. Pin-striping from Fine Line Customs were there striping and selling their cool products. Dustless blasting, crafts, automotive parts and more made up the growing vendor area.

As the cars roll onto the show area, there is music is playing in the background, and spectators are mingling among the cars. During all of this club members are working hard keeping everything running smooth. It takes a lot of effort from club members to put on a successful car show year after year. Members work through out the year to put on a quality show like this one.

During the show we all have jobs to do before, during, and after the show. Setup, food prep, food sales, parking cars, registration, selling tickets, judging, music, announcements, pictures, vendors, award ceremonies, and tearing down after the show. These are just some of the things that go on during our car show.

This year I noticed a lot of cars, and trucks that I haven’t seen before. It always great looking at new rides that people have brought out to our show for the first time. During the show I have been part of the set up crew and one of two people walking around talking to car owners about their cars, or trucks. I don’t have any problem talking cars to fellow car lovers, so this didn’t seem like work to me lol. This year I was able to read a story about a car, and its owner from the cars perspective. This was pretty cool and I think the show goers enjoyed it as well.

After the awards are all handed out we stand in line and say good by to everybody as they drive out of the park, now this is cool from both sides. I attend a lot of shows through out the year, and I must say for a homegrown show from a local car club this is top of the list. Proceeds from this show go to local charities each and every year.

Next year this show will be changing it’s location to Dwyer park in little York, NY. Please like 7 Valley Street Rods on facebook for more information. Seven Valley Street Rods

Thank you for stopping by, check out my video from This years 7 Valley Street Rods Car Show Automotive Lounge 7 Valley Show

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Norwich Car Show 18

Our second car show of the 2018 season was the 53rd annual Norwich car show. We met up with a few Seven Valley Streetrods members and headed over to Norwich early Saturday morning. My wife tammy and I drove our 2017 Camaro SS over to show it, and to enjoy a ton of beautiful cars and trucks.

The weather was perfect for our full day at the show. When we arrived we drove onto the show grounds, and the volunteers guided us to were we needed to be. Tammy and I had to park on the other side of the dirt road off the main show area. This is were they put the new cars for the show. There wasn’t enough room for all of the cars that entered our class. It was kinda a joke. They acted like we were not part of the show.  Well I can tell you we had a lot of people stopping to look at our Red Hot SS.

Today’s young car fans are into the new mustangs, challengers, Camaros, etc. They could give a hoot about cars built 50 years ago. They like cars from the 90’s to present, they are the cars they read about, and dream about driving some day.

I spent hours cleaning my car to almost spotless condition for this show. I was planning on winning, but I was not going to show a car that wasn’t show worthy.

After we parked our beast we touched it up from the drive and headed out onto the show grounds to enjoy other people’s vehicles on display. I overheard other people in our class talking about how they put us in the handicapp section right next to the dusty road. So I was not the only one thinking 🤔 this.

Tammy and I walked around taking pics, and shooting some video for this blog post. We ran into some friends and chatted with them before moving on through the show. We helped a bit with the APEX Automotive Magazine booth http://apexautomag.com/ by handing out our latest issue and talking to fellow car enthusiast.

I forgot to mention when we arrived the volunteers helped us register for the show and took our $15 for entering our Camaro. Our class was class T. There had to have been 15-20 cars and trucks in our class.  It was not like we had two entries in the class.

The show was very busy all day with entries, spectators, and the huge vendor area. The food was good with great service to boot.

Around 3:45 or so they started handing out the awards to the top three in each class.  After a while of listening to the winners over the PA system we decided to walk over and watch the recipients get their trophies  🏆.

One of our club members Dusty Keys won first prize for his beautiful pickup truck in his class. It was cool seeing these people get some recognition for their time and effort that they put into their vehicles.

‘The show grounds were starting to empty out as the awards were being handed out. Tammy and I hung around to see if we even had a sniff at a trophy. I mean why not stay and see where we stand in this class.

Class s was up next the announcer called the winners to the stage and then said ok now its time for our special awards. We were like what about class t?  I mean we did pay the entire fee, we were giving an windshield card ( filled out by an official), and a very nice show packet giving by the club .

Nothing for our class? Ok I guess but why were we told were to park, handed a packet, and paid an entire fee?  Not cool, it was kind of a bummer being treated like we don’t belong, and then not even being recognized as a class of entries.

We are all there because of our love for automobiles, and the friendships that we have built over the years. The future of car shows is with today’s younger generation. If the industry continues to favor the older cars and not accept the new cars they will be in trouble.

I grew up loving streetrods, and muscle cars of my day, no different from today’s youth. Today’s new car owners love their cars the same as a person with a 57 Chevy.  All of these cars were built by a manufacture, not by guys in their garages. Sure older cars could be modified more buy a cutting torch and some fabrication, but new car owners can personalize their cars as well in their garage just like their fathers did.

We had a great time in Norwich and look forward to the next show we make our way to.

Syracuse Nationals 2015

July in upstate NY means Syracuse Nationals car show at the NY State Fairgrounds in Syracuse, NY. This show has become the biggest car show in the north east, with nearly 8000 entries gracing the huge fairgrounds. 

Thursday night we headed up to Liverpool to get our passes and participant gifts handed out from The Right Coast, the show promoters. My son and I volunteered to work the show this year with our car club, the 7Valley Street Rods

We were part of the early crew, and I mean early. We got up at three and arrived at the show at 4:00am. I had to park in the Toyota building and then walk across the baron fairgrounds to work at gate 10. On Friday morning a ton of cars had already lined up to get into the grounds. I’m not sure how many, but there had to be 300 on the grounds. The gate didn’t open until 6am, so we had to gather the cars into a field two by two until the gates opened. 

State fair Blvd was getting backed up with all the cars coming into Syracuse. This is why we had to line them up in the field to keep the road clear. It was a lot of fun seeing the stream of cars rolling in for the weekend. We got to see every car as it drove by us into the show area. For the most part the participants did a great job with their tickets and window stickers.  

Saturday morning my son Cruz and I worked the tent area. This is the last stop for the cars before they go and find their favorite place to park. The cars would roll up two by two.  We would check their windshield for the proper event sticker, and then we would punch their tickets for that day’s admission. The early shift was busy because the car owners wanted to get their favorite parking spot for the day. This made our shift go by fast, with all of the beutiful cars coming in. . It was a great time working with fellow car lovers at the nationals. 

Sunday morning was pretty slow most of the day. I think a lot a people went home early after the two hot days in Syracuse. It was still busy at the show, but the numbers where way down. 

Ok enough of that working talk lets get to the heart of the 2015 Syracuse Nationals, the cars. All I can say is WOW what a great show . It seems like every year the quality of the vehicles gets better and better. The builders of these master pieces are really using today’s technology to help them build these creations. They put all of the modern touches into the old school cars and trucks. It just makes sense. Use modern engines, tires, suspension and everything else available to build a modern day hot rod. 


As I have said in past years, every time you think you have seen the best looking car ever, you turn the corner and see a better one. It is crazy how many beautiful machines there are at this show every year. The Right Coast guys do it right. They have a monster of a show on their hands for sure. 


Last year I covered this show for Hotrods & Harley’s magazine. It was great seeing my images and show story spread acrossed 15 colorful pages of a worldwide publication. This year I had a new assignment, I was shooting for a brand new magazine called APEX Automotive Magazine. APEX Automotive Magazine .this is a local Free Magazine covering everything automotive in the Central NY area. Look for your free issue around Central NY, or go to their site and sign up to get them delivered to your front door. 

After working my shift Friday morning I headed out onto the grounds to grab some shots before the place filled up with fans. It didn’t take long before the place was mobbed with people. For a Friday, the place was packed. This year I was shooting my Fuji X100t with a 23mm lens. This made it much easer getting the shot with all of the traffic through out the show. 


During the day on Friday I was able to get some wonderful shots to use for APEX Magazine and, this blog. Later on in the day I ran into a couple long time friends of mine. Bill and Julie where walking around the show looking for some parts and accessories for their Chevy Nova. The Nationals is a great place to pick up some used parts, as well as brand new OEM like parts from a ton of vendors on the grounds.  It was great spending the day with my friends looking at nice cars, and catching up with each other about everyday life. 


After a long day Friday I headed south on rt 81 home for a shower and a bite to eat. I had to charge my batteries and get ready for another full day of shooting on Saturday. It was hot on Friday so some A/C and food felt good when I arrived home from the show. 

Saturday my son and I woke up at 3:30 and headed back up to the Fairgrounds. When we arrived we had to drive across the fairgrounds to the Toyota  building to park my 2010 Camaro  for the day. I was allowed to park on the grounds all weekend as a volunteer, but I could not have my car outside on Friday and Saturday because it is to new for the show. 1980 and older is the vintage of cars and trucks on display at the Nationals. 

Saturday morning the sky’s looked like rain, and the temps where in the 50’s. I think this kept people from arriving early in the morning. There where still cars in line but not like Friday morning. We started letting  cars in at 6am. It was on and off for awhile while it was raining. As soon as the rain stopped and the sky’s cleared up the flow of traffic picked up pretty good for a couple hours. When my son and I walked acrosse the grounds at 4am the place was empty, but after our shift at 9am the place was full to the brim. It’s amazing how fast the place filled up after the sun came out. I heard that over 7500 entires graced the fairgrounds this year. 


Saturday was another hot day with temps in the 90’s. My wife and daughter came up to join us for the day’s festivities at the show. We walked around looking at one beautiful car after another. Later on in the day my daughter had to go to work. Soon after that my wife and I meet up with friends of ours and we hung out with them the rest of the day. The ladies talked about grandkids, weddings, ect. and me and my friend Dave talked cars, paint jobs, and what car builders where doing these days to their Street Rods. It was fun checking out the show with friends. It seems like it has become a great place for my wife and I to meet up with friends for a day. 

I was able to capture a ton of good shots on Saturday as well. It was a bit harder to do with the amount of people there, but still a great day of shooting. Again I needed to get home and cool off eat, and charge some batteries for day three of the Nationals. Getting up at 3:00am was starting to get to me. 

Sunday morning came early for both me and my son Cruz, but we got up and headed north again. Sunday morning was a easy shift for us. There wasn’t a lot of cars in line and it was nice outside in Syracuse. We did our shift and headed out into the madness one last time. My sons girlfriend, my wife and daughter met up with us late morning for a nice stroll around the cars before the afternoon crowd arrived. 

Along with the awesome Hotrods and Customs at the show, Sunday was muscle Car day as well. Cars newer than 1980 where allowed in the show to display their rides for the day. It’s pretty cool looking at the future of car shows, and what guys are doing with the new stuff coming out of Detroit. Detroit? Do any of them come from there any more?  Well any ways it’s very cool to see the the wide range of cars on hand. 

The car count was down for a Sunday and so was the crowd. I am not sure why  it was down from years past, but it made for a good day of shooting pictures. 

After a couple trips around the show we decided to load up and call it a day. 2015 was a great show for sure. It was really cool working the gate and parking lot with the 7 Valley Street Rods for three days. There is nothing like hanging out with fellow car guys at one of the largest shows in the nation for three days. I will be working the show again in 2016 for sure. 

If any of you out there have not had a chance to visit the Syracuse Nationals, I would mark it on your calander for 2016.  Do your self a favor and come to the Salt City for a great weekend of Hotrods and Automotive fun. Live music all three days, great food, and super stars of the industry are on hand all three days. 

Thank you for stopping by. Check out all of my images from this years show at John Zachary Photography

I will see you at the Show 

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