7 Valley Street Rods Car Show 2018

With a boat load of cars show under my belt all ready this summer this is one of my favorites. Yes I am a member of the 7 Valley Street Rods club, but this show gets better every year.

7 Valley club members have been doing this show for 29 years now, and it shows. People that visit this show are always saying that the club knows how to put on great car show. I agree. From the free pictures of your car, to the great food. This show has a lot to offer to both spectators and participants.

Hand made trophies are presented to some of the special award winners each year. We have a hard luck award, story car trophies, best custom, best engine, interior, etc. Along with the great looking trophies, participants can win door prizes as well as a hefty 50/50 prize.

During the show there is a silent auction going on with lots of great items to Bid on, and hopefully take home.

This years show started out with a touch of rain in the air. We were hoping this wouldn’t stop people from driving out for the show on Sunday. Well with over 220 entries I guess it didn’t discourage anybody from attending this popular car show. There were a good amount of vendors on hand this year. Pin-striping from Fine Line Customs were there striping and selling their cool products. Dustless blasting, crafts, automotive parts and more made up the growing vendor area.

As the cars roll onto the show area, there is music is playing in the background, and spectators are mingling among the cars. During all of this club members are working hard keeping everything running smooth. It takes a lot of effort from club members to put on a successful car show year after year. Members work through out the year to put on a quality show like this one.

During the show we all have jobs to do before, during, and after the show. Setup, food prep, food sales, parking cars, registration, selling tickets, judging, music, announcements, pictures, vendors, award ceremonies, and tearing down after the show. These are just some of the things that go on during our car show.

This year I noticed a lot of cars, and trucks that I haven’t seen before. It always great looking at new rides that people have brought out to our show for the first time. During the show I have been part of the set up crew and one of two people walking around talking to car owners about their cars, or trucks. I don’t have any problem talking cars to fellow car lovers, so this didn’t seem like work to me lol. This year I was able to read a story about a car, and its owner from the cars perspective. This was pretty cool and I think the show goers enjoyed it as well.

After the awards are all handed out we stand in line and say good by to everybody as they drive out of the park, now this is cool from both sides. I attend a lot of shows through out the year, and I must say for a homegrown show from a local car club this is top of the list. Proceeds from this show go to local charities each and every year.

Next year this show will be changing it’s location to Dwyer park in little York, NY. Please like 7 Valley Street Rods on facebook for more information. Seven Valley Street Rods

Thank you for stopping by, check out my video from This years 7 Valley Street Rods Car Show Automotive Lounge 7 Valley Show

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Cool Car Guys With Bill O’Gorman

Cool Guy Guys

How do you think you became a car guy?

On the drive home from the Hospital… at BIRTH! LOL! It was early around 3-5 years old. Living in the Bronx where I was born and I could see all the cars in the neighborhood. The sounds, the smells and of course the people who drove them. It was the best time to be “impressionable” with cars!

What kind of car did you family drive when you where young?

Well, I remember a 58 Chevrolet Impala.. 66/67 Ford Galaxy 500 Convertible and Coupe!
There was also a 69 Dodge Polara.. and my moms personal favorite… a 1973 Chevrolet Monte Carlo that
she had purchased NEW. The delivery truck drove in with this beautiful Silver and Ghost Grey two tone car. It had a red interior and sunroof… Mom climbed up on the truck.. and claimed that as her car. Came home with it that very night!

As a child what was it about cars that got your attention?

Wow.. great question! Sound? Looks? The Smell of the gas and oil as they moved off at a quick clip?
To me.. cars are the ultimate freedom, they helped define who we are as Americans.. and as individuals.

Different brands…a competition so to speak keep the looks fresh and the lines of the day.. fantastic. Cars are as close as you can get to a time machine! Bad day… drive forward. Good tune on the radio.. drive to memory lane. Feel the need to go fast… well, you know what I mean. Our cars are our past, present and future.

Do you remember what kind of car that you wanted for your first car? Did you every have that car? What was your first car?

I never had a “want” or “need” of that first car must be… but, my first car was a 1969 Cadillac Convertible. I kept if for nine years.. and for every year since I have graduated from high school, there has always been a collectible/muscle car in the driveway.

Now as an adult what is it that you enjoy about owning your car? Is it the looks, power, sound, or ride that makes you smile when you drive your car?

Now that we are “adults” we can choose our brand and of course the car that helps define us. I like a bit of rumble and the need to “be pushed back” in the seat when I leave the light from time to time. But, when people say nice car or give a thumbs up.. that really puts a smile on your face.

How many hours a week do you think you spend cleaning, waxing, or just working on your car?

Never enough! Okay.. truth is that if you give it the once over when you are finished driving it… it will always be easy to clean.

Take care of your cars… they will take care of you, even if you “get on it” just a bit!

So what kind of car do you own right now that you consider your pride and joy?

Well, I have a 2005 Mustang GT/Mach 1 Tribute that my best friend Roberto and I restyled.

I have a 1989 Mustang 5.0 LX that is now know as “Project Trooper.” Remember the New York State
Trooper Mustangs… well, soon you will see one again (in uniform at car shows only!) When not at a car show this V8, 5spd car will appear as “retired.”

What do you do with your Dream Ride? As far as show it, race it or just cruise around your hometown.

Stoplight terror? No, seriously they are cruisers but with attitudes. Go anywhere fun but look good doing it. Yes, the occasional squirly tires as we run up the gears but always in a place and time that is appropriate!

Do you belong to a car club? If so what is the name of your club, and how can somebody that wants to join get info about your club?

Well there are a lot of great clubs in our community. I am active with the CNY Mustang All Ford Club and you can find them on facebook or at http://www.cnymustang-allford.com

Also.. the 7 Valley Street Rods. Local and fun. Both clubs like to have activities that get the cars and the people out where they belong…on the road!

If you get back one car that you owned and do not have any more what would it be and why?

In truth… when I let a car go it is because I am ready for something different and that helps me let one go with no regrets. I have a car that I will not let go so that I will not have to say “I once had.” That is the 2005 Mach 1 Tribute.

I have had so many great cars.. some I restored and one that came right out of a museum. Another was a feature in the Mustang Times and Mustang Monthly Magazines… that was a 1968 Gold Nugget Special Mustang.

If you go to http://www.unclebillsgarage.com you can see some of the many cars that have come and gone. A variety of models and brands.. but all were fun and represent our hobby and love of cars.

Do you have a favorite car story that always comes up when you are talking about cars? If so would you like to share?

That 58 Chevrolet Impala… When I was about 4 years old I watched from the 3rd floor window in the Bronx as the car was taken away. Some old truck backed up to the front bumper and the guy just wrapped a chain around the two bumpers then towed/dragged it away.

That car wobbled and the sound of the two bumpers scraping off of each other made it sound as if the car was crying as it was dragged away. It echoed off the buildings and sounded so mournful… that is when I first felt that cars had “souls” or could be “alive” and part of our families.

Do you have a project in the works now, or do have one that you would like to build in the future? If so what is it?

“Project Trooper” This 1989 Mustang 5.0 Lx is a RUST/BONDO FREE car. We have gone through the motor and updated the clutch and t-5 tranny. The rear gears are 3.73 posi and will be dressed at shows to appear as a State State Trooper Mustang and when not at shows, it will appear as retired, but always ready for Duty.

What is your favorite style of car? Street Rods, Muscle Cars, Trucks, Drag cars, race cars, and why?

I do not have favorites. Not a brand or model. All cars started out as a member of a family. Someone ordered it.. someone drove it home and it was loved and cared for. As time went by it it fell out of favor and eventually the care was not given and it was sold.

It may have been rusted, wrecked or just abandoned and what once was a loved member of the family became a dejected object that sat and waited. When they are found and new life is given… it is a wonderful transformation that lets it shine again.

New interior, engine and such.. even paint. Stock or Modified… Drag Raced or Pampered.. it lives again and is loved again.

That is the whole point.. to show them, drive them and appreciate them… and to share them.

I ask this question to everybody that I interview. If you could have any car ever made what would it be? Color?

The General Lee. That is the top of the list, but most any movie car or TV car could be there. Those cars were the stars. They had a heart and soul and were the character that we loved to watch. Starsky and Hutch.. the Red Tomatoe… Torino, The Batmobile… the Munsters Car and so many others we watched and enjoyed.. they made cars real and personal so that we could enjoy and yes… love them like family!

I am Bill OGorman… and I am a “Cool Car Guy!”

Great read Bill thank you for sharing your love for cars with us.

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