USAC Eastern Storm Lincoln/ Al’s Pizza & Subs 

I have always wanted to make it to Pennsylvania for the USAC Eastern Storm tour. Well this year we finally made it happen. Tammy and I headed to Lincoln Speedway early Wednesday morning for our first night of USAC Sprint car racing. 

This would be the first time that we have been to a USAC Sprint car event, and Tammy’s first trip to Lincoln Speedway. Our trip was going to be just over 4 hours long.  That’s not bad for a once a year opportunity to see a USAC race. Traffic was great so we made good time all the way there. We stopped a couple times to stretch, and get a bite to eat. Tammy will fill you in on our tasty lunch a bit later. 

We pulled into the Speedway a little after 2pm wedsnday afternooon. There were a few campers scattered around the parking lot across the street from the track. 3 or 4 race haulers had parked next to the pit gate waiting for the doors to open at 5pm. Yes we waited 3 hours to get in. That’s not crazy 😜 at all. It’s a sprint car race lol. With our hunger at bay from the great lunch we had, we pulled out our lawn chairs and hung out in the 90 degree heat. 

After sitting for awhile I decided to pull out my DJI drone to capture some cool overhead shots of the track. It was a perfect day for flying. Plus not too many people around to get freaked out about a drone flying around. I recorded some video, and snapped a few Still pics for my event coverage. 

Through out the afternoon spectators and racers made their way into the Speedway. Five clock on the dot the gates opened.  We packed up our stuff and headed into the pit area. 

I still get excited when I walk through the gates at a race tack. It is a great feeling. We ran into our friend, and fellow photographer Steve Koleter as we were heading into the pits. One of the many good things about dirt tracks in PA is the infield access for the fans. With a general admission ticket you can sit in the grand stands or head into the infield with you chairs and coolers to get a bit closer to the action. 

​​Tammy set up camp on the backstretch and I headed over to turn two to get hot laps shots from the outside of the track. The track was heavy, so I was pelted with red clay as the cars flew by. 

At first I found it a bit tough to shoot. I was so close and the cars were so fast it took me a bit to catch up to the cars. The night’s racing got underway in time with time trials, heat races and the feature events.  

Tammy watched in turn three from the infield. I was shooting just on the other side of the fence so we still hung out during the night.

As the night went on the tempetures cooled down a bit from the high 90’s earlier in the day. As far as the racing went it was a great race. T-Mez ran his way to the front passing Jarrett Andretti, Chad Boespflug on his way to the win. 

It was a great night of racing. Lincoln Speedway is a great place to see a sprint car race. Well worth the drive. We are planning on going next year for sure. 

Hello friends! 

 This week john and I went to the iconic dirt tracks in Pennsylvania, williamsgrove, and lincoln motor speedway. This was a trip that took us outside CNY , and we got a little bit of sunshine too! You are not going to believe this, but there was actually minimum construction in PA! Whaaaat???!!! I know, I was pleasantly surprised too. 🙂 

In route to Lincoln motor speedway, we stopped at this AMAZING pizza place. It is a nondescript place just on the side of 15* in Enola PA called Al’s pizza and subs. They have 40 beers on tap, with some specialty local brews. But for me the real story here is the food. Everything was made fresh and from scratch. They have pizza, subs, pastas, and a salad bar. it is a good size menu, and has something for everyone. I was ready to just grab a couple of slices, until I saw the table next to us getting a calzone from the waiter. This is what I do,  I’m a bit of a copier,  I look at the plates around me to see what looks good and copy them, the calzone looked wonderful, and it tasted even better! crunchy crust, fresh Parmesan on it, and just the right amount of ricotta! YUMMMMM . and of course the sauce to dip it in was homemade and fresh and chunky. This meal was simply well done, not too fussy, just delicious. John  got cecilian pizza, and which was crunchy and puffy, and just so good. I’m wanting to make another trip to the racetrack while I’m writting this, just to eat there again. I’m sure john wouldn’t mind another trip to the track. 🙂 I skipped the homemade tiramisu (which I regret. ) because I was so full from eating 1/2 of my calzone. (yay leftovers!) Their portion sizes are very generous! I am attaching a link to their website in case any of our motor heads / roadside foodies are traveling in Pennsylvania. Stop in! Your taste buds will thank you.

we are giving this place 5 out of 5 trophies. 
thank you for joining us on our adventures. See you on the road. 

Engines & Eats does Team Jeff Memorial Car & Bike Show /  Ray Bros. Barbecue 

Saturday June 10th was a beautiful day to enjoy a local car & bike show in upstate NY. Farmers Insurance /Buell Agency on Genesse Street in Oneida, NY was the location for this years show. 

My wife Tammy and I were looking for something to do on this beutiful day. We grabbed our gear and headed east to Oneida. We took the scenic route to the show so we could enjoy the wonderful New York State countrieside.

We had no idea how big or small this show was going to be. Either way it did not matter to us, we were just out enjoying some nice weather, and each other’s company. 

Again our GPS was not correct on where the show was. So we continued on down into town finding the show with out any problem.  We parked next door the the insurance Agency, and walked over into the Show area.  As I was taking my first picture, I heard someone say “Nice Camaro”. I said thanks, and snapped my picture. I turned around to see a friend of mine Bill Tuttle. Bill was there with some of his friends showing off their beautiful cars pictured below. 

This was a small show, but nice. I liked the hometown feel of this show. It was like 20-25 friends gathered in a parking lot to show off their rides.  There was also food, a 50/50 raffle, and a few awards for Best Car, and Best Bike of show. These awards were picked by spectator’s that visited the show.

Above are a couple images of the kind of cars at this show. (Good Stuff). We stayed for almost an hour, and then figured we should find a place to go and eat. Our friend told us about a BBQ place about 20 minutes away. So we said our goodbyes and headed out to find this BBQ place. 

Tammy and I were talking on our way to lunch about reviewing places to eat when we are out at a show or a race. So during the summer we are going to bring you not only show coverage, but Resturant, and Food reviews from our journeys this summer. Now it’s time for tammy’s take on the days adventure. 

John and I are taking this summer to run the roads of central New York. We are empty nesters, and this new found freedom has inspired us to explore our own back yard. Did you know there are festivals , and car shows (for my husband the car guy) every weekend somewhere in central New York? I did not, and I’ve always meant to do this or that, and this summer we are dedicating to “running the streets”. We are really enjoying ourselves, and for me a large part of “hitting the streets” is exploring “the eats”
We were at a car show in Oneida, and had passed a couple of roadside BBQs that we took note of to hit on the way home. (I’m pretty much always on the lookout for good places to eat) for many reasons, not the least of which is so I don’t have to make supper. 🙂🕺 woo! As my husband earlier said, he was chatting with one of his car friends, we mentioned getting BBQ, and this fellow recommended Ray brothers BBQ in Eaton Ny. So off we went!
This BBQ place is a great no fuss place to eat, while still having great service.  It has indoor and outdoor seating. And the BBQ was some of the best I’ve ever eaten. 

Wow! Seriously folks this was good BBQ. I got a Carolina pulled pork sandwich , with potato salad. There are several choices of sauce, I got the Carolina sauce, which was a mustardy sweet sauce, but honestly there was the original rays sauce on the table, that I tried , and ended up piling on my sandwich and potato salad. It was so good! My husband got ribs with mac and cheese and fries. He was as happy as I was with his BBQ.

This place is worth the drive! Highly recommend driving through the beautiful countryside of CNY, see the windmills, and try some delicious Ray Bros BBQ. Check out their site for hours and directions. Ray Brothers Barbaque

This resturant gets 🏆🏆🏆🏆 out of five trophies. 

We hope to see you on our adventures.

John & Tammy Zachary. 

Are New Cars Show Cars?

   Ok everybody here is the question. What is a Show car? We have all seen new cars at cars shows filled with the normal show cars. 32 Ford Coupe, 57 Chevy, 63 Vette, and on and on.I grew up with Street Rods, 50’s- 60’s cars as the normal show car. Well that was back in the 70’s and 80’s. It s now 2016, so a late 90’s or early 2000 car is about the same to today’s youth right?

   With this being said what about a Gen 5 Camaro, or a 2016 Mustang GT 350, or a very powerful Dodge Challenger Hellcat? These car are wicked cool and very hi tech to boot. Recently I have heard car guys talking about how they think the new stuff should be left in the parking lot, instead of in the show area. I can understand their thinking, but on the other hand where is the future of Hot Rodding? I can tell you where it is, it is with our youth. Do you think a 16 year old young man likes a 1953 Chevy more than a 2016 ZO6 Corevette? Heck no. They like the cars that are being made now, and are crusing the streets in their neiborhood. They might enjoy looking at a car from the 40’s or fifty’s, but they want something current.

     Like this Nissan GTR NISMO above, this is what our youth drool over, not a 32 roadster. Have you ever driven a GTR? I am lucky enough to say I have, WOW what a car. Are you kidding me? Twin turbo with wicked acceleration, and brakes that stop you right now. This is a machine for sure, and so are a lot of the new so called muscle cars being built today. Now a young man or women can not afford a full blown street rod, or a Nissan GTR, but they can affor a late 90’s or early 2000 car. They save their hard earned money just like we all did, to get the car of their dreams. Who cares if it is not a 1980 or older car, it’s still cool car that somebody really loves. Who are we to say what should be allowed in a car show? 

   I understand if it’s a classic car show then that’s all that should be allowed in the show. Or if it’s a all Ford show no Chevy’s are allowed to enter. As a whole we need to be careful not to give the wrong impression to the young car lovers out there. I am not saying I have the answers, but when you go to a car show and 85-90% of the cars are being driven by gray  haired men. That’s telling me the young guns are not in the game. The Rat Rod Group has tapped into the younger builders with their form of Hot Rodding. These young kids can get a old heap and weld some cool parts onto it, and dump a Diesel engine into it, making it their creation. They do not need $50 – $80 grand to build a car to take to the shows. If a young man has a nice 1988 Monte Carlo SS, and has done to it what he can, then good for him. Let’s welcome him in to show off his hard work. What is the difference between somebody that goes out an buys, or pays someone to build him a show car, or a guy that visits his local dealership for a new car? 

   What is wrong with a brand new muscle car that the owner as worked hard for to purchase? His love will shine through when he gets to the show ,and people watch him as he drives in. He spent hours cleaning and preparing his Pride & Joy so maybe someone will stop and look at it for a minute. Isn’t this what we all really want? Is t have somebody stop and tell you nice car. Or better yet ask you a few questions about it, then you are really happy Right? That’s why we bring our cars out on a Sunday afternoon for a few hours with a bunch of other car lovers. 

   If I’m walking around at a car show and I see a car that I do not care about I just walk on by. But this does not mean I do not want it there, it just means it’s not my style. The bottom line is we are car lovers period, why can’t we just enjoy our cars, while hanging out with other car lovers no matter what year it may be. Check out Street Scene 2016, this is a huge show held at Long Branch park in Liverpool,NY. It is mostly foreign cars and trucks, but high end stuff that will make you say, that is a what? Wow that is tough looking. This show is huge and growing every year. The younger generation is promoting it as well as supporting it. These guys got it going on. 

   I guess that’s all I have to say. What about you guys? What do you think about this topic?  I love cars and just would like to see a bright future for car shows, car clubs, and the whole Hot Rod scene. 

Thank you for stopping by, 

I will see you at the show,